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Try Mudgee Glamping for an Entirely New Vacation Experience

“Mudgee glamping?” you ask , yes it’s true! Visit the new luxury glamping experience at Sierra Escape and discover an entirely unique luxury vacation experience only a few hours’ drive from Sydney!

Some thoughts for Glamping in Mudgee for the first time

If you’ve never experienced “glamorous camping” before, here are a few questions and answers that you should know before your first glamping experience.

  • What should I bring, and what’s already available? You don’t need to worry about hauling a sleeping bag into your tent: we offer fully-kitted-out glamping tents. Our housekeeping staff ensures the tents are well stocked and cleaned for your arrival.
  • What’s the bathroom situation? We have fully-functional toilets, showers, and bathtubs. Our Dulili and Uralla tents have gorgeous tubs situated on your private deck so you can enjoy a glass of wine in a warm bath while watching the incredible sunsets.

Why do we do what we do at Sierra Escape?

At Sierra Escape, our focus is on giving our guests a luxurious experience to help them get away from the daily grind. Here’s why:

  • We provide the opportunity to decompress and escape from the stress of your daily life in splendid natural surroundings. It’s important in life to take some time for yourself and get in touch with nature. We understand that normally to do this you need to rough it – well not anymore!
  • If you live in a city or large township – then you’ll be familiar with living very close to (or in many cases on top of) other people. With over 280 acres, Sierra Escape is the perfect place to relax in serenity – without having to worry about noisy neighbours (save for a few cows and sheep!)

Why you shouldn’t miss a stay at Sierra Escape

By passing up on the opportunity to stay at Sierra Escape, you will be missing out on a marvellous departure from the ordinary. Join us and enjoy nights sitting around a fire toasting marshmallows as you stand in awe of the spectacle of the Australian wilderness around you, not to mention those starry starry skies.

Contact us today to find out more about the glamping packages we offer so you can start planning that well-deserved trip away!