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Escape from the Ordinary with the Best Glamping NSW

When everyday life starts to wear you down, break away from it and take a well-deserved breather with the best glamping in NSW. Glamping combines the best features of wilderness camping with the refreshing comforts of a luxury retreat.


Mudgee’s first and premier Luxury Glamping Experience

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The Importance of Glamping NSW

Everyone benefits when they find time to experience genuine rest and relaxation.

  • Recover from Stress – Whether you’re a family with kids or just spend countless hours at the workplace away from your partner, a glamping getaway is a perfect way to unwind. When you and your loved ones can escape and find yourselves surrounded by beautiful countryside in quiet seclusion, stress evaporates away. By the time you return home, you’ll feel ten years younger and fully recharged.
  • Rekindle the Flames – If you’ve fallen into a rut of the same stressful experiences, day after day, a glamping holiday gives you a new and unique experience in which to gain a fresh and exciting perspective – it’ll leave you speechless, then turn you into a story-teller.



The ultimate escape
Floor Space: 27sqm

This is where it all began, consisting of a spacious 18m2 bedroom with a king bed, glass sliding doors to capture the magnificent views and large screened windows to allow those beautiful summer breezes in.



Spacious views
Floor Space: 54sqm

Part of our premium offering, Dulili is perfect for couples who want to escape from daily life to luxury and comfort. Positioned in it’s own secluded setting, with spectacular views.



True Luxury and Comfort
Floor space: 54sqm

The exquisite, premium tent, built for travelers who want that extra touch of luxury and comfort. Uralla is perched in a prime position on top of the hill in it’s own secluded area with incredible valley views.


Tips Regarding Glamping Holidays

To make the most of your glamping experience, explore the fantastic opportunities found at Sierra, just 20 minutes away at Mudgee, including:


  • Guided Tours – You can relish the views from your tent even more when you’ve had a chance to see things up close and learn about the development of Mudgee over the decades. Mark (Tour Mudgee Now and then) has been in the region for over 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge of the local area and surrounding areas.
  • Bird’s Eye View – For an entirely different experience, Commercial Helicopters in Mudgee offers scenery from the sky. See how the beauty spreads out before and beneath you as you rise above the majestic countryside. You can either start the journey from Mudgee Airport or Sierra Escape, and from there proceed on a charter flight to see the beauty of NSW, or drop in to a winery or two along the way.


Why You Should Stay at Sierra Escape for Your Glamping Holidays

Everyone who glamps in our Australian made glamping tents has their own unique experience. The most profound beauty of it is that it speaks to each person in a different way. Our tents are ideal for two, so you can spend quality time with a loved one, friend or family member in the beauty of the surrounding nature and make the most of what Sierra has to offer!

Our partners in Mudgee provide artisanal wine, cheese, food, and creative tours to impress. Even if you’d rather remain in your tent and enjoy the surroundings, you’ll appreciate the stillness that can only be found so far from the noise of city living. Contact us to learn more about our tent amenities and how to book your glamping holiday.