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Come to Sierra Escape for Luxurious Romantic Accommodation in Mudgee

If you are searching for romantic accommodation in Mudgee but hotels are just too old-school and dull, it’s time to try our ultra-luxurious glamping tents. Take your loved one somewhere brand new for a refreshing and eye-opening holiday experience that neither of you will ever forget.


Mudgee’s first and premier Luxury Glamping Experience

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Planning the perfect escape with Romantic Accommodation in Mudgee

Are you planning a once-in-a-lifetime romantic getaway? Need a place in which to pull off an unforgettable proposal? Here are a few things you should keep in mind when trying to find unique romantic accommodation.

  • Break the mould with unique surroundings. A tried-and-true hotel can work, but why stick with the norm when you can blow your loved one away with a luxurious tent nestled between rolling hills and astonishing views?
  • Don’t forget to think about how secluded you want to be. We are only 20 minutes away from Mudgee, but our 280 acres of private land with tents spread far and wide will give you the privacy you need.



The ultimate escape
Floor Space: 27sqm

This is where it all began, consisting of a spacious 18m2 bedroom with a king bed, glass sliding doors to capture the magnificent views and large screened windows to allow those beautiful summer breezes in.



Spacious views
Floor Space: 54sqm

Part of our premium offering, Dulili is perfect for couples who want to escape from daily life to luxury and comfort. Positioned in it’s own secluded setting, with spectacular views.



True Luxury and Comfort
Floor space: 54sqm

The exquisite, premium tent, built for travelers who want that extra touch of luxury and comfort. Uralla is perched in a prime position on top of the hill in it’s own secluded area with incredible valley views.


Benefits of Romantic Accommodation in Mudgee with Sierra Escape

Here are a few reasons why we believe you and your significant other can benefit from a romantic getaway in our gorgeous glamping tents.

  • Reduce work stress. Spending time with your partner can calm your busy mind, and if you are each sick of hearing the other complain about work, then you probably both need a break to spend some quality time together.
  • Boost your mood. A study in the Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life showed that even by simply planning a romantic holiday, couples feel happier. Imagine how great you’ll feel if you actually go on that holiday.


About Sierra Escape

Over the last couple of years, we have had many guests propose to their partners, from rose petals, laying out banners to be viewed from a helicopter to fireside proposals – we love to help and facilitate your ideas and make the best of your romantic accommodation in Mudgee.

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